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Dogs and People

Dog training based on positive reinforcement

uniqueness - responsibility - well-being

Therapy Dog Training Keteliini 
Individual and dog-oriented training for dogs and their owners

Virpi Vesanen
Therapy Dog Trainer

Animals & Human Health Certificate 

Animal-Assisted Interventions - Activities, Therapy & Learning
University of Denver

Canine-Assisted Intervention Educations

Dog Training School services

Puppy Trainings

Therapy Dog Coaching

Human-Animal Interaction and Bond

Obedience and other trials trainings

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My Team


Super active agility enthusiastic

and the name behind the company

shetland sheepdog male


Socially active

macho fantastico with a twist of honey

belgian shepherd tervueren male


Resilient cone hunter

and sucker for belly-scratches

shetland sheepdog female

Terapiakoirakoulutus Keteliini
Therapy Dog Training Keteliini

Y-tunnus 2558069-7

Virpi Vesanen
Therapy Dog Trainer
Animals & Human Health Certificate

Institute of Human-Animal Connection, Denver CO

Animal-Assisted Interventions, Activities, Therapy & Learning

044 305 5558


Client Reception

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